The way we use and interact with our tablets or smartphones is fundamentally different from the PC. The rapid growth of tablets and smartphones has brought new behavioral patterns, shifting the need from adapting to new screen sizes to adapting to new contexts. Despite this shift, e-commerce platform suppliers still attempt pushing the traditional PC user interfaces onto tablet and smartphone touchscreen interfaces.

At ShopLogiQ we have leveraged all the benefits of the touchscreen and developed our drag & drop ShopLogiQ TouchFront™ interface to touch-enable any existing e-commerce solution. The ShopLogiQ TouchFront™ gives the consumer an e-shopping experience that is very similar to visiting an actual brick-and-mortar store. With a better touchscreen shopping experience that is more tactile and visual, your products are easier to find and easier to buy.

Give your customer a shopping experience instead of an order process

Easy to find and easy to buy is the key to successful retailing. Retailers generally have a great ability to give customers a positive, emotional shopping experience in stores and malls. E-commerce, however, mostly leads the customer through an "order process". Using knowledge from traditional retailing and e-commerce, and merging it with the advantages of the touchscreen, we have created a unique visual, tactile and intuitive user interface that makes shopping a real experience.

Easy to find

We buy with our eyes. The product image is the main component in both the selection and communication process. That is why we have built a navigation that consists of product images with basic information. All other information is secondary, but easily available with a simple ”tap” or ”pinch”. When the consumer “taps” on the product, more product information, images, specifications and related products are displayed.

Easy to buy

Any product that is represented by an image can be purchased, regardless of whether they are part of a campaign or appear as individual products. All you need to do is drag a product directly to the basket that is always visible, and the purchase is all set.

Touch x UX = Increased Sales

Our patented ShopLogiQ TouchFront™ drag & drop solution leverages all the benefits of the touchscreen for e-commerce, giving the consumer real e-shopping that is an experience.

We are convinced that the touch-enabled ShopLogiQ TouchFront™ interface for tablets and smartphones gives the consumer a much better and more emotional shopping experience that lowers the threshold to buy. Traditional e-commerce interfaces usually require mouse and keyboard, which becomes cumbersome on a touchscreen. With the ShopLogiQ TouchFront™, your customers can manage the entire purchase with just “taps”.